3D Hole Flyovers

1st - Rocket

Beware out-of-bounds all along the right and remember that the approach shot always looks longer than it is.

2nd - Long Trail

Make sure you don't play to the 3rd green by mistake and allow for the fairway sloping from left to right on your tee shot.

3rd - Doctor

The new MacKenzie-style bunkering really adds to the look of this great Par 3 and also presents quite a challenge, especially for the higher handicapper. The best line is to aim for the right-hand side of the green because it falls away to the left.

4th - Dunes

This delightful Par 4 has a strategically placed bunker on the left of the fairway, but this is the ideal line to open up the well bunkered green.

5th - Pond

The enormous cross-bunker only comes into play off the tee for the longest hitters, however it's a constant threat for the high handicapper when they play their approach to the green.

6th - Mashie

This is a semi-blind Par 3 with a host of humps and hollows guarding the left of the green and bunkers along the right.

7th - Sand Hills

The slightly off-set tee can make it more difficult to find the fairway and the superb MacKenzie green is well guarded both left and right.

8th - Road

It's a long carry to cut the corner and three bunkers are lying in wait for anything missing the fairway. The green slopes from back to front, so three putts are always a possibility.

9th - Jimmy Kay

Named after the Club's longest serving professional, there are two fairway bunkers waiting for anything off-line from the tee, and the small green is bunkered on all sides.

10th - Tees

The inward half starts with a straightforward Par 4 with the smallest green on the course which is set slightly above the fairway and has some severe bunkers both right and left.

11th - Lagoon

A true risk & reward hole, where the best line to the green brings two fairway bunkers and a hazard into play. If you play towards the left you'll have a semi-blind shot to the green.

12th - Gare

A true links hole surrounded by dunes. Aim for the right side of the fairway because everything tends to kick to the left and the fairway narrows considerably at around 260 yards.

13th - Chapel Open

The wind will probably be the deciding factor when considering how much of the corner to cut off.

14th - Beach

Whilst there is a bail-out to the right of the fairway it leaves a much tougher line to the upturned saucer of a green.

15th - Cosy Corner

If the prevailing Westerly wind is blowing here you'll definitely need to take an extra club.

16th - Dog Leg

Once you've avoided the fairway bunkers make sure you've got enough club to reach the back of the longest green on the course.

17th - Snag

On the signature hole the drive should favour the right-hand side to give a better line to a raised, two-tier, pear-shaped green.

18th - Bill Hector

Although there are no bunkers, the approach shot often stops short or kicks sideways on the mounds in front of the green.